Maybe you were doing a search for “kickboxing near me” or something similar hoping to find the right gym to visit..

More than your average mixed martial arts and fitness school Team Octopus Fitness Midtown offers so much more
Looking for a gym or martial arts training? Then Team Octopus Fitness Midtown should be the place for you to check first!

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Team Octopus Fitness Midtown – 503 Amsterdam Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

(678) 273-3939

You want a school or gym with the right instructors and the right culture. That’s what you will find at Team Octopus Fitness Midtown.

Super clean full spectrum location in the heart of Midtown GA.  Bring the whole family!

Convenient class times and schedule for the busy lifestyle!

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From your very first mixed martial arts lesson you will feel inspired and motivated to come back for more training.

Here is what people are saying on Google about this Martial Art School:

I haven’t been in Atlanta long but I found an awesome jiu jitsu program here in midtown at Team Octopus Fitness Midtown! You will get great training with a Ton of great coaches! I highly recommend this gym!

Zack – Midtown GA

Just tried out this gym for the week. Beautiful clean facilities. I tried the Kickboxing & Jiu Jitsu classes and all the coaches were amazing. You must try this gym out! As someone without a martial arts background and minimal athleticism I had a lot of trediptation about starting jiu jitsu. It was very overwhelming at first, but the coaches here are very patient and understanding. In particular, while rolling I had an experience that made me panic and leave class early. I had second thoughts that I should continue BJJ even though I had loved every second of it with the exception of that one moment. I took a few days off and was considering it over when Professor Anna took the time to call me and reassure me my experience of fear was normal, my anxiety was reasonable, and she knew that if I continued I could get good at being “uncomfortable”. It meant so much that she called and not only validated my experience but told me she would help me grow from it. Professor Anna and others make it clear to me that this gym doesn’t just want to collect your money, but it wants to help you better yourself.

Luis- Near Midtown, GA

Team Octopus Fitness Midtown - G Review for kickboxing

Team Octopus Fitness Midtown is more than just a martial art class that you go too, its a lifestyle that we teach!

Lean & Fit, Focused and Self Disciplined is what we facilitate in our students and we make it FUN!

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