Class Rules

  1. No Egos or bad Attitudes at this academy. Everyone is here to learn an effective self-defense. Tapping out is OK and is part of the learning process. Never brag about tapping someone. It happens to EVERYONE in training and is how you will improve. This is training, where we should always be trying different techniques and situations to better our skill.
  2. Introduce yourself to new students or students that you do not know and make them feel welcome.
  3. When the Instructor is teaching there should be NO talking. This is why we are here, to learn, so there should be NO talking even if you have seen the technique before and think you know it.
  4. When class starts talking about anything other than BJJ or MMA should be kept to a minimum.
  5. If you walk in while another class is in session, wait for your class to begin without disrupting the other class. If you need to take a cell phone call during class, or while waiting, then be respectful of the class going on and take it outside.
  6. If an instructor comes over during a technique to correct you there should be no other instructing going on. If you are not an instructor, then at NO time should you be trying to help someone through a technique at the same time as the instructor.
  7. NO Shoes or Food on the mat at anytime. Wrestling shoes are permitted only if the shoes are used for mat use only.
  8. Make sure you are clean. Keep all your training equipment, clothing, and uniform clean for each training session. This is very important in keeping our academy sanitized at all times. Students who come to class with poor hygiene will be required to exit the academy.
  9. Mat/training etiquette: Keep you finger nails short for every ones safety. Absolutely NO slamming, pulling fingers or temper issues will be tolerated.
  10. Try to be on time. Traffic issues and everyday matters are understood but try to be on time if possible.
  11. Foul language of any kind will not be tolerated within the doors of this academy.
  12. All students are required to report any injury, health or skin condition to their instructor prior to class.
  13. Absolutely NO alcohol or illegal narcotics are allowed on the premises. Any student who is suspected to be under the influence of a drug or alcohol while at the academy will not be allowed to train and possible membership termination.