Manu Ntoh is a incredibly talented Muay Thai fighter and martial arts artist. He is a six time world champion: WMTC (’96), IMF (’96), World Drakka (’98, ’99), ISKA (2000), IKKC (’02, ’06), IKF Full Rules Muay Thai (2008) and also was a professional boxer. Manu was a top ranked former NABA, NABO and IBA contender.

As a muay thai fighter he is feared most for his legs. Manu used both legs to dominate and destroy his opponent by KO, a rare skill among Thai fighters. This earned him the name –“Little Golden Legs” after his mentor Pud Pad Noy.

Manu rapidly entered in the circle of the greats, like Rob Kaman, Ramon Dekker and Danny Bill. Most of his fights were televised earning him international recognition. He now owns and runs a school in Atlanta where he teaches Muay Thai to future generations.